Over 2,000 Asian and Asian-Inspired Products

Find the perfect ingredient for your next meal.

No other grocery store in St. Augustine offers the variety of Asian and Asian-inspired products that PJ’s does. From fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen seafood delicacies, you can find what you need to prepare a delicious dish.

Try one of our Asian recipe books for ideas.

PJ’s Asia One Market carries 10 different styles of Thai curries and a fully stocked condiment section featuring many types of spices, sauces and dips from several Asian countries. If you’re a sushi enthusiast, PJ’s has all the ingredients you need to create your own sushi feast including rice, vinegar, nori, wasabi and flash frozen “sushi grade” seafood. Also available in the frozen section are packaged seafood items such as gyoza, lumpia along with an assortment of Asian flavored ice cream and icy treats.

For soups and pasta dishes, a variety of noodles in both dry and refrigerated forms are available from Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, China and Indonesia. PJ’s also offers several different types of rice including Jasmine, sticky (sweet), brown, red and Basmati. You can also find a large selection of fresh Asian vegetables and fruits in PJ’s produce section.

PJ’s goes beyond the food, we offer the tools as well.

In addition to the variety of edible items available at PJ’s Asia One Market, we also offer a variety of tools to enhance your cooking experience. Browse through our library of recipe books for inspiration or pick up a rice cooker, mortar & pestal, bamboo bowl or food press. Everything you need is under one roof at PJ’s.

Take a look at our product gallery below to see more of what we have to offer!