PJ’s Asia One Market: Your ticket to a home cooked meal.

Everyone in the south knows something about home cooking. We’ve grown up with home cooked meals prepared from recipes passed down through generation after generation. But what if you were half a world away from a place called home, in another country where your kind of home cooking was hard to come by?

That’s the predicament Praphaphan “PJ” Johnson found herself in thirteen years after relocating to St. Augustine, Fla, from her native Thailand. A 2003 graduate of the culinary school at First Coast Technical Institute, PJ found herself not only longing to prepare traditional Thai meals for herself, but to share her family’s style and taste of cuisine with her American-born daughter, Nikki. So, PJ and her husband, Bob, embarked on a journey to bring the cuisine from her birth home to her new home by starting their own Asian grocery store in St. Augustine.

PJ’s Asia One Market opened its doors in December of 2009, featuring a broad inventory of dry, fresh and frozen items from several nations including Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China. For every customer who comes in the door, PJ is happy to offer not only ingredients, but advice on preparations and techniques to create hundreds of different Asian recipes.

So whether you are simply longing for home cooking from another world, or just someone who enjoys Asian cuisine, you don’t have to leave St. Augustine to find all the ingredients and assistance you need to create a delicious meal.


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